About Happyfish Bali

About Happyfish Bali

Happyfish was founded when Sjors van Leeuwen and Lieke van Hulsbergen, our founders, realized there is a need for a lot of people to get away from reality and focus on their passions, such as yoga, surf and most important them selves.

When they fell in love with Bali, they never wanted to go back to Holland but most important Lieke; “ to the stressed and busy work world” and Sjors just wanted to build a location on this beautiful island where others could experience where he fell in love with.

They want to create a place where people could focus on what really matters, besides experience a fun time with new friends, while being active and healthy.

Happyfish is created by a young, wandering and a little bit crazy couple.

Sjors with his background in the surf world, and Lieke with her business sense wanted to create a space where people could enjoy Bali and be able to work on their selves or just relax and eat the most delicious healthy stuff 😉

HAPPYFISH is a small, personal retreat with spaces for 6 up till 12 guests. It is important to us that our guests feel at home and feel free at the same time.

The location

Happyfish is located close to Pererenan beach, Canggu. The location is perfect as it is very close to all the nice restaurants, the beach and the small surf village. The neighborhood is still green and quiet.

Surrounded by wanderers, active and open-minded people you will have a fun time!

The villa is specially built for the yoga retreat, with a modern but also Bali touch. Around the house you will find enough chill spots, to read a book, hangout with the others or have a delicious meal.

Every bedroom has its own private bathroom. The bedrooms are authentic furnished from local hand crafters. All rooms are designed to offer you a relaxed and enjoyable stay.

Our yoga shala is on the roof top terrace of the Villa. This is custom made, to have a very nice view along the green and rice paddy area. The Villa is decorated with Bali inspired pillows, wall paintings and other decoration. The Yoga Shala is big enough to have your own personal area to practice yoga without any limitations.


To create a place where people can re-charge body and mind by using active yoga and being at an inspiring location with other wanderers.