From enthusiastic ideas and dreams….to concrete actions and new experiences

About last year

The end of another year is nearing. So I’m looking back and reflect on what happened this year and what experiences has this year given me. What were the best moments, when have I had intense joy and what has made me proud? Images flow through my mind. Like the time that I’ve spent on my study Strategic Career consultancy and the pleasure I felt when reading the relevant literature. With satisfaction I looked back when handing in my final assignment.

Or the time that (as program manager at my Rotary) I’ve organized with some friends on the Rotary board a relaxing evening at the beach. A challenging ‘Expedition Robinson’ and as finishing touch a lovely dinner with our feet in the warm sand of the beach.

Or the moment that one of my ‘coaches’ send me a picture with message that her dream has come through. She insisted on sharing this achievement with me. 5 years after I’ve advised and coached her she has started her own company. In addition she now lives in her own home outside the city in free nature. I experience satisfaction and this message brings a spontaneous smile on my face.

Obviously there are also plans that I’ve not been able to follow up on, like the creation or revamped website. In those cases I wonder why the new site is not there yet and what it is that stops me from starting this?

Each year I look back and I peak ahead.

When looking forward it helps me if I actually write down what I would like to achieve. Not so much a long story, but more one piece of paper with some topics that are and will be important for me. It helps me to take a moment and contemplate what I would like to achieve, where to focus my energy, how to make optimal use of my talents and what would make my happy. What I always notice is that writing down your wishes, ideas, even your dreams on a piece of paper will influence your behaviour without you noticing it.

When looking back you will notice that most items on your list will have come true in some shape or form. It seems as if writing down your wishes and dreams makes you run into opportunities that enable you to fulfill them. With a good feeling and satisfied with my achievements I conclude 2018. And I’m working already on my 2019 list!

I challenge you to also create your piece of paper with ideas, whishes and dreams for 2019 using the 7 topics below answering the following questions: what would I want to give more attention, what would I want to change and what would I like to receive? If you accept my challenge I’m almost sure that 2019 will become a fantastic year for you! And I wish you the very best with it!

  1. Relation
  2. Profession/work
  3. Vitality/fitness ( mental and physical )
  4. Development, growth
  5. Home, place to live
  6. Hobby’s
  7. Additional activities

by: Marieke de Jager Coach Personal Development Retreat