Activities at Happyfish

Yoga Is Not About Touching Your Toes. It Is About What You Learn The Way Down” 

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Activities at Happyfish


At Happyfish we like you to experience different types of yoga. In each moment we like to see what the best yoga is to practice. We do Hatha sunrise yoga , Vinyasa powerfull flow, and power pilates. The yoga we teach is teached by an experienced teacher who connects to the group.

Yoga retreat activities


The bootcamp is an outdoor workout given by qualified trainers with years of experience. Therefore the beach bootcamp is designed to build strength through a variety of group intervals, the most effective way to lose weight and gain more strength in minimal time.

The program is especially designed for the Happyfish retreat. Within the training there is a good balance between cardio, strength and interval. The lesson is about fun combined with exercises and given with the most basic equipment as sand bags, coconuts, battle ropes, tires and your own bodyweight.

Yoga retreat group activities

Inspirational Circle

An inspirational circle is a new way of learning, relating and listening better to others. It is also meant to inspire and getting inspired by others. By several asked questions to yourself and others you will get some answers about where you stand in live and where you maybe want to go.

The Inspirational Circle


We organize a private surf class for the group. Relax on the beach, grab a surfboard and our surf-teacher will guide you to ride your first waves! This day is full of fun, playing with the waves and having a good time in the water.

Yoga and surf retreat


The Bali massage all about flow and relaxation . The therapist usually inquires about the amount of pressure wanted and will adjust to your preferences. 


Ubud Trip

Ubud is the cultural center of Bali, we will visit the Tirta Empul Temple. The temple has a holy spring and many Balinese make a pilgrimage here at least once a year. At last, we will go for a walk trough the absolutely spectacular rice paddies.

Ubud trip bali


Work those core muscles and improve your flexibility by doing some pilates, it is great to improve flexibility, build strength, and to develop the endurance of the entire body. Hellooo you new core of steel! [Plus, it does wonders for your mind and soul]

Yoga and pilates

Sunset Drinks

To get to know the group we organize sunset drinks on our rooftop terrace. With an amazing view you can enjoy a nice cocktail or mocktail while meeting other wanderers.

Sunset drinks

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